Leasing of your company car

Car leasing for companies | Sixt Leasing

In accordance to your needs, you can choose one of the Sixt Leasing full service leasing programmes - Classic, Comfort, Business or Premium.

Choose your vehicle from more than 10 000 car make and models at sixt-leasing.ee

Affordable price, great service, security and 24/7 assistance are just the few of the great advantages that are valued by Sixt leasing clients. Apply now!


Monthly payment includes:

  • leasing payment
  • insurance (OCTA and KASKO)
  • vehicle operation tax
  • technical inspection

Additional choice:

  • vehicle maintenance
  • normal wear and tear
  • tyre purchase, change and storage
  • replacement vehicle
  • and other services

Choose the services according to your company needs:

Vehicle financing | Sixt Leasing

Vehicle financing
Receive full service leasing from Sixt leasing regardless of banks and car dealers. Rental fee remains invariable during all rental period.

Vehicle delivery | Sixt Leasing

Vehicle delivery
We will equip your chosen vehicles according to your needs and rent for agreed rental period and mileage.

Insurance | Sixt Leasing

The vehicles are insured with compulsory third party liability insurance (OCTA) and damage and theft risk insurance (KASKO). We will take care of all insurance cases - inform the insurer on insurance case, arrange documents, agree upon damage elimination terms, quality and insurance reimbursement.

Taxes and technical inspectation | SIXT Leasing

Taxes and technical inspections
We provide your vehicles with annual tax payment and state technical inspection.

Customer service | Sixt Leasing

Customer service
To apply for the services 24/7 Sixt leasing clients need to know just one toll- free phone number or email. Sixt leasing customer service specialists will organize all necessary services, arrange the time suitable for you and will control the service deadlines. We will remind you about the upcoming technical inspection, maintenance or seasonal tyre change by phone, e-mail or SMS

Vehicle return | Sixt Leasing

Vehicle return
At the end of rental term Sixt leasing will prepare the vehicle for the return to the car dealer.


In accordance with the agreed mileage, we arrange technical maintenance for your vehicles providing quality control and cost management.

24 hours road assistance | Sixt Leasing

24 hours roadside assistance
By calling our toll-free phone number, you will receive technical assistance or vehicle towing services any time throughout the Baltic states and in addition as well in other countries.

Fine administration | Sixt Leasing

Fine administration
According to the received invoices on road traffic violations Sixt leasing covers the fines and includes the payment in the monthly invoice.

Repairs | Sixt Leasing

Sixt Leasing provides all the repair works related to normal wear and tear, change of spare parts, necessary inspection, measurements and fitting works as well as warranty repair. We control the fulfilment terms of repair works, delivery of spare parts, technical solutions as well as quality control and cost management.

Tyre service | Sixt Leasing

Tyre service
We offer seasonal tire change, installation, balancing and storage of tires out of season.

Tyre service | Sixt Leasing

We will replace the old tyres with the new ones in accordance with the agreed mileage.

Online fleet consulting

Fleet consulting
Fleet consultations provide objective evaluation and recommendations for fleet efficiency improvements. Sixt leasing experts will analyse the existing situation and consult on the cost optimization solutions advising on the best mobility solutions for your company operation profile. Sixt will also provide various car make and model cost comparisons.

Fuel credit cards | Sixt Leasing

Fuel credit cards
Sixt Leasing provides Statoil, Neste, Lukoil and Virši-A fuel credit cards for discounted purchases of gasoline, auto goods, car wash and other services.

Vehicle user data control | Sixt Leasing

Vehicle user data control
In the framework of the service we provide the control of driving licence, medical certificate and other necessary document validity informing the client on the renewal of documents.