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Planning a trip abroad? Think about car rental beforehand!

Countries in Europe and elsewhere are opening their doors to tourists. Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, Montenegro, Italy, Maldives, Mexico, Costa Rica are currently some of the most popular destinations for all those, who are willing to take a break and enjoy the summer weather after a long time.

SIXT Car Rental has compiled tips to be considered, when planning a trip and renting a car abroad.

More beneficial for timely planners. What else should be considered?

  • Book the rental car in due time. Do not leave booking the car to the last minute, as the demand is larger than the supply. Due to the limitations of Covid-19, the number of new cars produced is much less than would be the case under normal conditions, resulting in the delayed delivery of cars worldwide. This, in turn, can lead to situations where it is impossible for last minute bookers to book a rental car or the price is much higher than when booked beforehand.
  • Prepay – at a lower price; payment when receiving the car – safer and often more beneficial. We are currently living in a rather unstable time, and each of us may have a situation where the trip has to be postponed or cancelled altogether. Please note that when booking a car with prepayment (the price will be lower), in the case that you want to cancel or change the rental booking, a fee will be charged. This is why it is recommended to choose a tariff that allows you to change the booking and cancel it free of charge. More