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Hand control. Car Rentals for Persons with Disabilities.

Don't let a disability limit your travel plans. Just because you have a physical restriction doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the freedom of a personal car rental. Traveling across Estonia and other Baltic Countries has become more accessible to people with disabilities.

Rent a car from Sixt and we will equip it with hand control for free! The offer applies to car rentals in the Baltic countries. Please note, hand control can be installed only in the cars with automatic gearbox.

To book the hand control please call 
+372 605 8148 or e-mail us to [email protected]. Important! Please note, at the moment it is impossible to book the hand control automatically!



Enjoy the ride - we will take care of your safety!

At the moment we offer one type of hand control, so please assess your ability to drive using such hand control.

Please watch the video about the hand control and how to drive with it.

We provide:

  • Cars of different brands and models with automatic gearbox, which can be equipped with hand control
  • Knowledgeable and trained personnel who will equip the car and help to get inside comfortably
  • Delivering the car to the place and at the time of your choice
  • Full instructions
  • 24/7 support by phone or on the spot if necessary